Client Testimonials

Mindfulness in Dorset Schools-The mindfulness course Lucy delivered at my School has been very beneficial for me. As I have severe anxiety and OCD, staying calm and controlling my mind is really important. I have found this course to be helpful in many ways. The meditations like the ‘beditation’, ‘finger breathing’ and ‘7/11’ are all great ways to achieve a calm state of mind. I would really recommend this course to people with high stress levels or anxiety. Mental illnesses such as OCD, anxiety or even just stress can be hard to cope with on your own. Strategies and techniques to help with them are necessary, and that is why mindfulness has helped so much. Today’s lesson was not only helpful for people with stress or anxiety, but for everyone to be optimistic and to be happier. It was one of my favourite lessons of the course. I want to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to do this Mindfulness course, it has helped a great deal, especially near to exam season"

April 2015

Mindfulness in Dorset Schools

"I attended a Mindfulness Retreat Day in Dorset in May 2015 and felt I had a very good introduction to Mindfulness. It was an extremely enjoyable and peaceful experience. I will certainly be coming back for the next one"


Mindfulness Retreat Day in Dorset, May 2015

I have gained so much from attending the 10 week MBSR course at Weymouth College.The course contained a good mixture of discussion and meditation practice, with Lucy creating a comfortable, relaxed and friendly atmosphere to learn and practice in.The group was a nice size, with us all becoming a close unit by the end and we all supported each other during the sessions with advice and sharing experiences.The meditations have helped me enormously with coping with anxious feelings and has allowed me to become more mindful and accepting of my emotions. I feel more energised and calmer since completing the course and it's given me great strength knowing I have added a valuable practice to my coping tool box.
I can't recommend this course enough. Many thanks. Hanna-Liisa


I just want to say thank you for putting in the time to organise the mbsr course for us. To be able to combine online and face to face time was hugely beneficial and enjoyable. It has given us exactly what we need to prepare for the next step of training for teaching mindfulness in schools.

We really enjoyed the experience at Frogmore Farm. It really gave us the space and time to reflect on the course and work out ways to realistically implement mindfulness in our everyday lives. It was especially useful to have it tailored to our needs and interests.

Charlotte Record, July 2014, Vietnam.

The course was easy to absorb and was the right amount of people in the group to be enough for everyone to feel not too over powered. I felt comfortable and supported. Most of all the course gave me a sense of inner peace when things outside of normal circumstances became or become stressful. The course has taught me to come back o the body no matter how stressful life becomes.

MBSR course participant, September 2014

I have been having nightmares for many years relating to my time served in Northern Ireland. It felt Lucy really understood my experiences and this was helped by her time in the military. It really helped being able to talk to someone as I have not wanted to burden my family with this. It took some time but EMDR worked and I can honestly say it has completely stopped my nightmares and my life has dramatically improved.