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What is Mindfulness?

In this frantic world many of us are on auto pilot which can be a dangerous place. It can make our brains lazy, going over old mental ruts of thinking and behaviour. Mindfulness is “Paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and non judgementally”. Mindfulness encourages focusing on the moment through regular meditation. This can stop us being consumed from pain of the past or anxiety over the future.

Everyone can benefit from greater mindfulness and it can be especially helpful for those stressed out, struggling with the demands of everyday life, recovering from depression and for individuals with chronic pain. Whilst Mindfulness is not about trying to get anywhere one of the effects is often great relaxation, a lowering of stress and a better understanding of self. Mindfulness is something already within us and can be harnessed through diverse meditation and exercises such as mindful eating and mindful movement. With regular mindfulness practice individuals report they have much better control of their lives and are able to deal with the stressors which may have previously been overwhelming.

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Stress Resilience Workshops


Lucy offers stress resilience workshops which have a theme of mindfulness and include developing self-awareness and a toolbox for dealing with stress. The next workshop is called learning to Respond instead of React and is taking place on the 22nd March at Frogmore Farm. To book onto this please click here. 


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Mindfulness Retreat Days at Frogmore Farm

One day Mindfulness Retreat Days are taking place at Frogmore Farm. The Retreat days are a lovely way to take time out from the day to day stressors and focus on practice. The retreat days run from 10.00-16.00 and include a number of guided mediations, mindful movement, time just to be and mindful lunch. Retreat days make ideal gifts. Please get in touch to book onto the next retreat day.

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Mindfulness for Children

Lucy is a trained mindfulness teacher for children. Click here for more information on the mindfulness in schools program. The classroom-based curriculum is called Paws b and is a 6-12 session course for children aged 7-11. During the course children will learn about specific areas of the brain and how these affect our ability to focus, make good choices, recognise when we  need to steady ourselves when our mind if busy or out of balance. Mindfulness can support children with day to day activities including concentration and memory, behavioural self-managementand in relationships with friends and family.